Sports Sex ?>

Sports Sex

Anonymous asked: Did you ever have a sexual experience with a guy on a sports team in high school, and if so, fill us in! I never actually played any sports, but I had plenty of sexual experiences involving sport-related things. My favorite was in high school one day when I had stayed late to work on the school musical in which I was performing. The choir room was down the hall from the gymnasium which doubled as our stage/auditorium….

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Favorite Solo ?>

Favorite Solo

Anonymous asked: What is your favorite solo scene and do you enjoy doing them because I love watching you in every scene, but your solos are SO hot!!! My favorite solo scene is probably the one I am in bed and feel my body from head to toe. I blow a huge load in the end and it felt so good that I still remember how awesome that release was. Instead of me just describing it, I have linked the…

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Cuddling ?>


I’m often asked, “you are always really sexual, do you ever just want to cuddle and have intimate time?” The answer is HELL YES. I am sexual, but that is part of what I do for a living. Sex is meant to be fun and exciting. It is always whatever you make it. You can have raunchy, dirty sex that is just pure carnal in desire and passion. You can have intimate, emotional sex that makes you feel full of…

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Questioned & Answered ?>

Questioned & Answered

Anonymous asked: What was the first experience with a man? Were you nervous? My first experience with a man was that of exploration and young questioning. I was pre-teen and my friend and I were talking about sex, as many young boys do. I had explored some straight porn mags and was so turned on by the huge cocks pounding those wet pussies. The tits on the women and the muscles on the men were my favorite to fantasize about….

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Question and Answer ?>

Question and Answer

Please bear with me as I am trying to set up my question and answer page. This will enable everyone to ask anything they want and I will answer in a post. Your information will be completely confidential and my responses will never indicate who you are. Unfortunately, all the contact forms I have found are quite complicated and do not notify me when I get a new submission. I hope to have this figured out in the next week.

New Website ?>

New Website

Hello, everyone! I have created my new website in hopes that I will get to know you all a little better, and you get to know me. I had a website previously, but it was too much to handle so I have cut this one down to just blogging for the time being. I hope to add a Q&A section and some other features as time goes on. For now, I will write my thoughts, rants, and anything else that…

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