I’m often asked, “you are always really sexual, do you ever just want to cuddle and have intimate time?” The answer is HELL YES. I am sexual, but that is part of what I do for a living. Sex is meant to be fun and exciting. It is always whatever you make it. You can have raunchy, dirty sex that is just pure carnal in desire and passion. You can have intimate, emotional sex that makes you feel full of deep love. Either way, both are phenomenal. I LOVE dirty raunchy sex, but I’d take cuddling and intimacy over that almost any day. Holding someone close to me and feeling them fall asleep on my chest is one of the greatest feelings in the world. 20150605_075207_Logo

One thought on “Cuddling

  1. I Love To Cuddle AsWell Joey!

    Sure Would Love To Cuddle With You, And Have Balloons Alover For Us To Play With AsWell


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