Questioned & Answered

Questioned & Answered

Anonymous asked: What was the first experience with a man? Were you nervous?

My first experience with a man was that of exploration and young questioning. I was pre-teen and my friend and I were talking about sex, as many young boys do. I had explored some straight porn mags and was so turned on by the huge cocks pounding those wet pussies. The tits on the women and the muscles on the men were my favorite to fantasize about. I whipped out my mags with my friend and we were talking about our fantasies. He mentioned that he thought his cock was much larger than he’d ever seen in any of the mags he had. I agreed that mine was, too. So we whipped them out to compare.

His cock was HUGE. I mean, mine is nice, but his was scary looking – and that was soft. We started getting them hard and showing each other how we stroke them and what we use to pretend like we are fucking. I told him that I bet sticking our dicks in a pussy would feel like the lotion we used, but I could not imagine what it felt like to get it sucked. We both exchanged blow jobs. I took his, now hard, monster cock and started working it over like it was the last thing I could suck. Then he was begging to suck mine. So I forced it into his mouth and he would not stop. Spit just dripping out of his mouth all over my rock hard meat and swollen balls. He had to suck it for at least a half hour. It was heaven.

Finally I pulled him close and began making out with him. I could taste cock on his mouth and said that I like the flavor of my cock on his mouth. He looked me in the eyes and said, “I really want to have your cock inside me.” Without hesitation I forced him back down to suck on my meat and slobber all over it. When it was ready, I bent him over my bed and shoved it deep inside him. He moaned so loud I thought he would wake my family up, but I just kept going and forced his face into the mattress to muffle his sounds. I fucked him so hard that he was crying, but told me to keep going and force it as far as it would go inside him.

After awhile I got really close to blowing my jizz and I told him. He looked back and said he already had, twice. I looked down under him and the sheets were covered with white, hot cum. When I looked back he grinned really big. He reached back and grabbed me on the ass with both his hands. Guiding me to fuck him. I was really close and told him I was about to cum and he just held me in place rocking back and forth on my monster meat until I could not hold it any longer and blew a huge load. I came so hard that I almost fell over, but he held me close and forced every drop into his beautiful man hole. I could see the jizz spilling out around my huge cock and dripping down my balls and legs. It was so much that it ran all the way to the floor and over my feet. Then I saw that he had shot a third load and that he shot it in my direction so it was combining with my jizz.

He pulled my cock out of his hole and spun around. Getting on his knees, he took my dripping cock in his mouth and started to clean it off. He sucked me and begged for the rest of my load to drip out of my still throbbing cock. Then I felt it, I was getting rock hard again and he saw my face and the look of surprise mixed with ecstasy and kept sucking. He forced my cock to gag him deep and worked his mouth and hands up and down my shaft until I blew another full load. Pumping my hot cum down his throat he looked up at me and smiled with his eyes as his mouth was full of my monster meat and load.

That was my first experience. I was 12.

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  1. I hope there is a book coming?!?!
    That was one HOT Sexy Time of your life!

      1. Ow my god.. Dream come true if this will happen… . My question will be when? Hahah.. Feeling excuted and nervous. Hahaha

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