Sports Sex

Sports Sex

Anonymous asked: Did you ever have a sexual experience with a guy on a sports team in high school, and if so, fill us in!

I never actually played any sports, but I had plenty of sexual experiences involving sport-related things. My favorite was in high school one day when I had stayed late to work on the school musical in which I was performing. The choir room was down the hall from the gymnasium which doubled as our stage/auditorium. Between the two of these was the weight room where all the athletes worked out.

As I walked from one to the other, I passed the weight room and heard my name called out. I was not used to other students being in the school that late so I was a bit startled. One of the jocks, John, was lifting and called me in to spot him on bench press. I was a scrawny little kid and he was quite large for a high school student. Rippling muscles and a couple inches taller than me, he was pressing shirtless and drenched in sweat. I immediately started to get hard as I walked into the weight room and saw him. I was familiar with working out because I had started at an early age, but had nothing to show for it being naturally thin.

I walked over to the bench and he sat down, laid back and looked into my eyes. he jokingly said, “Don’t let this drop on me. I’m going for six with no lift-off.” He put his hands on the bar and looked up at me again then at my tight crotch and said, “I’ll help you with whatever you want if you don’t let it fall on me.” Rock hard, all 9.5″ immediately flooded with blood. My head started to spin and I kept telling myself over and over to pull it together. Focusing on the bar, I watched him push it up and his chest explode while he pumped out six easily and then went for two more. I was definitely not needed, and realized maybe he did not call me in because needed me, but because he wanted me.

He sat up and looked at me and said, “Thanks, bro. Anything I can help you with?” I walked out from behind the bench and said told him I thought I was fine. There was an awkward moment of silence as he stared into my eyes. Then his glance moved down until landing on my obvious boner. He reached out and said, “Nothing?” Grabbing my cock, “Not even this?” I lost all sense of reality. He did not even wait for a response and got on his knees. Unzipping my pants, he took my cock in his mouth and drained it of every ounce of jizz I had. He did not waste a drop and swallowed all of it, then looked up at me and smiled, licking his lips. He said, “That’s better now, isn’t it?” I could not form a sentence and as he stood up he reached behind me and grabbed my ass. Pulling me close he said, “That’s our little secret.” With a tight squeeze on my ass he pushed me out the door and went back to lifting.

I jacked off to that experience so many times I cannot count them. I still dream of it. When I filmed BEEFSQUAD, it brought me back to that experience.

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