Questioned and Answered

Questioned and Answered

Anonymous asked: Is there ever any romance on the set with co-stars since it is so intimate?

Honestly, this can be answered very simply for me: there are no feelings on my part while on set. With that being the simple answer, I will extrapolate.

First, while I do perform in the scenes, I am often involved in much more post-production than other actors. For I edit and produce the scenes, but I also direct the ones in which I do not perform. That being said, it is very difficult to take those hats off and do just one thing. During a shoot when I am performing I am often thinking about the shot and lighting and sounds and everything you could possibly imagine. Because of this, I do not have the brain power to “fall for” my co-actor.

There are definitely actors with which I have worked that I enjoyed the scene more than others. This is not to say that I like someone over another person, it means I thought the scene was more smooth or something about it stuck out. The sex is just sex, there is no emotion behind it and it is strictly professional.

While this is my account of how to answer this question, every actor may differ. I look forward to more questions to answer!

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